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Mission Statement

"Providing Bethany and surrounding communities with family fun for all ages, by supporting sporting activities, active living and community events."

Thank you for visiting us, and learning about the activities and events that we offer to the Bethany community.  We are committed to supporting, providing and promoting sports, athletics and community events.  Everything we do here is accomplished by dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors and donors.  Without the help of these people, the Bethany Park would not be the great place to play that it is today!

The History of the Bethany Athletic Society


In 1908 The Bethany Athletic Society was formed, with Lewis Sisson chairing the first meeting.

The first duty of the field committee was to procure suitable grounds for practice.  The "Old Show Grounds," where in the earlier days fall fairs were held, seemed the most suitable. This property was bought from Mrs. C.H. Brereton, and the Manvers Drill Hall site adjoining was rented from the Government. We have no exact date as to when the Drill Hall was torn down, but the property was rented until 1937 when it was purchased outright.  Through the years the park was enlarged to its present size and has always been well kept. It has hosted many champion football, baseball, softball, and hockey teams.

Historical information provided by Manvers Township Historical Society - The Rolling Hills - Part 1 - pages 84-85

Chartering Members of the BAS

  • J.J. Preston - M.P. Honorary President

  • Harry H. Ryley - President

  • Rev. Charles Adams - First Vice-President

  • Rev. J.A. Poston - Second Vice-President

  • Dr.J.J Hamilton - Secretary

  • R. Roberts - Treasurer

Field Committee

  • Dr.J.J. Hamilton

  • Herbert Fallis

  • William Hannah

  • Charles Morton

  • Thomas Jackson

  • Walter Price

A Not-for-Profit Corporation

Although it may not be widely known, the Bethany Athletic Society that runs the Bethany Community Park is a Not-for-Profit Corporation consisting of a volunteer Board of Directors. We were incorporated as an Ontario Corporation in October of 1992 and at that time our organizational objects of incorporation and by-laws were set out in legal documentation. These objects and by-laws govern how the Board of Directors must conduct the business of the Bethany Park.

Volunteers Always Welcome


We are always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to contribute some of your time to the park, please contact us.


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